Chapter Leadership

The Executive Council is made up of nine women who serve a one year term as either a Vice President of a specific part of chapter, or as the Chapter President. There are also many different chair and committee positions available to support the executive council in their efforts to improve chapter.  All these leading women work hard to ensure CA Kappa always embodies Pi Beta Phi's core values and that our members have the best college experience through academic enrichment programs, philanthropic service opportunities, Leading with Values workshops, and of course–social events! 

CA Kappa's Executive Board for 2019-2020:

Chapter President: KALYNA WHITE
The Chapter President is responsible for supervising chapter life to ensure the maintenance of high standards and the well-being of the chapter. The Chapter President presides at all chapter meetings and conducts all ceremonies including Pledging and Initiation. She is the spokesperson for the chapter, representing Pi Beta Phi to the host institution and the chapter to the Fraternity. The Chapter President is the chapter’s delegate to convention and other Fraternity meetings as specified.

The VPO, as First Vice President, serves in the absence of the Chapter President. The VPO coordinates the administrative functions of the chapter including record keeping such as the management of the chapter roster, member status changes and the master calendar, as well as all reporting and correspondence. She also coordinates the signing of Member Obligations for all members and is the Executive Council liaison to the Leadership & Nominating Committee.

Director Leadership: LAUREN HAMEL
The DL is responsible for overseeing all aspects of leadership development in the chapter including identifying leadership potential and interest for officer roles. The DL serves as the chair of the Leadership & Nominating Committee and the committee’s liaison to the Chapter Leadership Team.

VP Risk Management: VIVIAN YUN
The VPRM is responsible for coordinating all aspects of proactive and reactive risk management within the chapter to ensure and safe member experience that aligns with Pi Beta Phi’s core values. She is the Member Conduct Committee’s liaison to Executive Council and the Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) and brings elevated accountability referrals to Executive Council and AAC when necessary. The role supports elevated event planning needs and takes responsibility for resolving issues before, during and after chapter events.

Director Social Events: HANNA STODDARD
The DSE is the chapter’s event planning expert responsible for preparing and executing social activities and events to promote friendship in the chapter and community. She is a resource to the chapter when planning special events that are not social and can support additional event planning needs when necessary. The DSE takes responsibility for proactive aspects of risk management by ensuring a safe and satisfying social experience that follows all Pi Beta Phi and community/campus policies on event planning and risk management.

Director Policy and Prevention Education: PEYTON VANARSDALE
The DPPE supports the overall health and wellness of chapter members through proactive aspects of risk management. She educates on topics of prevention education and Fraternity policies, chapter bylaws, campus and community policies and applicable laws. The DPPE identifies Fraternity, campus and other relevant resources and experts to enhance education within the chapter.

Director Member Conduct: LUCIA LYNN
The DMC is responsible for promoting and enforcing the expectations and obligations of membership in Pi Beta Phi. She coordinates reactive aspects of risk management by overseeing the implementation of Pi Beta Phi’s member accountability process as the chair of the Member Conduct Committee (MCC) and the committee’s liaison to the Chapter Leadership Team. The DMC ensures all members understand the accountability process.

VP Member Experience: BELLA NEHORAYAN
The VPME is responsible for the implementation of programming that promotes a premier member experience, Fraternity heritage and Fraternity values from pledging through graduation. She assesses member satisfaction to make membership meaningful through the implementation of the Leading with Values® program.

Director New Member Experience: NINO SHOUSHA
The DNME is the primary guide, mentor and advocate for the New Member class in their orientation and preparation to assume the responsibilities and privileges of initiated membership in Pi Beta Phi. She coordinates all aspects of Pi Beta Phi’s New Member Education Program (NMEP) and supports any continuing New Members.

Director Lifelong Membership: RILEY PETERSON
The DLM is responsible for preparing Pi Beta Phi members to be engaged lifelong. She directly serves as the primary guide, mentor and advocate for the senior member class as they transition to alumnae life and supports the junior class to leave a lasting legacy during their senior year. She is responsible for overseeing the Pi Phi for Life senior program and planning safe and meaningful sisterhood events relevant to senior members. The DLM also provides assistance to the Vice President Member Experience to engage all members through sisterhood events.

Director Academics: MINA SHAREGHI
The DA oversees chapter academic support and mentoring including the development and monitoring of academic plans for members on Academic Probation (AP) and Academic Supervision (AS).

Director Fraternity Heritage: MICHAELA SELBY
The DFH ensures that the traditions, ceremonies, and rituals of the Fraternity are a present force in the chapter. She provies a perspective of the international Fraternity through both initial and ongoing education and appreciation for the history and values of the organization. The DFH plans initiation, founder's day activities, and other events that highlight our rituals.

The VPF is responsible for the overall management of chapter financial affairs. She reviews and maintains accurate financial records, creates and monitors the chapter budget, reviews and approves finance tasks as performed by the Director Member Finances (DMF).

Director Member Finances: MAI DUSDEESURAPOJ
The DMF is responsible for performing all daily operational financial tasks related to chapter and member finances, including accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks for the chapter. She educates and invoices chapter members for their individual financial obligations and prepares payments for all chapter expenditures in GreekBill. The DMF supports the Automatic Financial Probation (AFP) and Automatic Financial Dismissal (AFD) processes and notifications.

VP Community Relations: MEGAN DIDIMIZIO
The VPCR plays a critical role shaping the chapter’s brand and promoting its presence on campus and in the local community. She does this by guiding efforts to integrate philanthropic initiatives and connect Pi Beta Phi members with the surrounding communities, while monitoring the external image of the chapter.

Director Service and Philanthropy: SARVE KHORRAM
The DSP coordinates the chapter’s Fraternity and community fundraising and service projects to align efforts with the Fraternity’s core value of Philanthropic Service to Others.

Director PR/Marketing: DANIELLE MAI
The DPRM is responsible for maintaining the chapter’s positive brand and image through external public relations and marketing efforts. She manages the chapter’s online platforms, including the chapter website and social media accounts.

The VPR is responsible for all aspects of primary recruitment and Continuous Open Bidding (COB) efforts and the selection of New Members. The VPR prepares the chapter through recruitment conversation and recruitment presentation workshops to present themselves in a manner that reflects positively on Pi Beta Phi during primary recruitment and COB. She also educates members on recruitment policies.

Director Recruitment Events: KENZY WIRTH
The DRE is responsible for planning and executing events during recruitment to represent Pi Beta Phi positively to Potential New Members.

Director Membership Selection: KYLIE MAGUIRE
The DMS is responsible for leading the recruitment process efforts to ensure membership selection aligns with the Fraternity’s core values and policies and helps the chapter meet recruitment goals.

Panhellenic Delegate: VALERIE WARNER
The PD represents Pi Beta Phi to the College Panhellenic Council in the role of Panhellenic Delegate for the chapter. She takes great care to establish Pi Beta Phi as a leader in the community and advocate for the sorority experience on campus. She promotes Panhellenic spirit and enthusiasm in the chapter.